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Rick Rockefeller-Silvia is an international Grand Prix competitor, United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist and the Founder of Dream Street Stallions, Inc.

SONY DSCRick, grew up between Middleburg, Virginia and Palm Beach County, Florida where equestrian sport plays a prodigious role in these communities. From a very young age, Rick was captivated by horses and the art of dressage. The more he learned, the more he appreciated the harmony and refined techniques that allow a horse and rider to move together as one, seamlessly, like seasoned dance partners. Rick’s passion soon lead him to becoming an elite equestrian athlete, where he transitioned into the international scene as a solid competitor and trainer.

Rick’s desire to learn and compete amongst the best of the best lead him to Europe at a very young age, where he studied with some of the world’s most respected Olympic and European Champions. Enabling him to not only study and compete abroad. But, to gain invaluable life experience and the inspiration that later lead to the creation of Dream Street Stallions Inc. a now internationally recognized moniker within the equine breeding industry.

In 2006, after returning to the United States following an extensive training and competition tour in Europe, Rick began creating Dream Street Stallions Inc., an importation, sales and equine breeding enterprise responsible for the selection, acquisition, syndication, management and international competition careers of numerous stallions that became award winning, elite, and highly sought after.

Horse of the year accolades at nearly every level (including grand prix), Young Horse National Championships, Championships at America’s most prestigious dressage show “Dressage at Devon”, fully booked stallion service rosters, 100% premium foal crops, high score circuit champion of the inaugural year of The Global Dressage Festival and record setting prices in elite auctions in Germany and Switzerland were a result of the renowned program. In addition to students winning both regional and national championships in the international divisions.


During these successes, Rick Rockefeller-Silvia was amongst the youngest Americans ever to hold the United States Dressage Federation’s “Gold Medal” and the youngest ever to win the Grand Championship at Dressage at Devon.

“The motto for Dream Street Stallions and even my life really, has always been “It Begins With A Dream” and that thought is as true to me today as it ever was. Dream Street Stallions has offered me such incredible opportunities and experiences that have genuinely shaped the person I am today.”